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Receive / Beautiful Rainwater Collection

A 4 week Personal Project focusing on story-telling and understanding how I can capture the users' attention to issues that they may not be focusing on

My Goal

Water is a precious resource that goes to waste when we allow it to flow away during times of rain. 
How can we help people understand the importance of good practices?

The Problem

Current Rainwater harvesting methods involve large, ugly installations that may be functional but take away from the aesthetic of our homes


How can we add aesthetic innovation to functional design?

What if Form = Function?

With the goal of creating a functionally beautiful product, the selected concept was a bottle which can catch the user’s attention and show how water can be saved.

Beautiful Rainwater Collection

An elegant design to catch the user’s eye to spark intrigue and learn about saving water and putting it into practice.

Lift. Flip. Open.

The ‘Receiver’ can be flipped to create a channel for the rainwater.

Sustainability All Around

Using aluminum, cornstarch bio-plastic and glass to minimize the impact it has on the environment throughout it’s life cycle.

01 /The Company

In order to drive home a message to the users, first, action needs to be taken by the company itself. That is why the water in Receive is rainwater that has been collected, filtered and packaged.




02 /The User

Understanding the process the user follows from learning, using and post-usage.

Learn & Buy




Give Back

Collection Multiplied

Slowly building up the number of 'receivers' to increase the amount saved and given back

Next Steps

Design large scale solutions for users to implement in their homes keeping in mind the values of Receive.

Creating resources for users to learn more about these practices and methods.