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Design2gather/ 5 Month Product Design Intern/ Shanghai, China

My internship in Design2Gather for 5 months gave me an experience that I don't think I could have gotten anywhere else. I was part of an international team of designers and engineers in the heart of Shanghai. I learnt and experienced new cultures and  saw first hand how the international industry works. 

I was involved in many of the live projects and was responsible for delivering product advertisements for one of their largest clients. I worked on internal projects that the company is and will be using for promotion and marketing of the studio. 

Being so close to the factories of the world I was able to get a deep understanding of how products are taken through the design process and into manufacturing. Working closely with the in-house engineer, learning the workflow and process of sending designs for prototyping/ manufacturing.

In addition to broadening my understanding of the design field, I learnt a lot about the business side of a studio and due to the close-knit nature of Design2Gather, I was aware of what the status of clients, leads and projects were. 

Meshined Design / 5 Month Product Design Intern/Bangalore, India

I had the opportunity to intern for 5 months in an interdisciplinary studio in Bangalore. I was given the responsibility of contacting clients and being the point of contact for the studio. In addition I worked on these live projects from ideation to proposing final concepts.

I learnt a wealth of knowledge from hands on experience in a fast paced studio and was able to work with clients, get my hands dirty and physically execute my ideas through different types of 'mock-ups'.


Devraj Bhadra

 Karan Patel

Co-founders, Meshined Design Consultancy, Bangalore India


Zeeshan shows great professionalism in all spheres of the workspace. He understands and interprets criticism and feedback, from clients and from us very well and applies necessary changes to his work for the better. Zeeshan does not need to be told what to do all the time which is priceless in a small team. monitoring or reminders are not needed and if there is a problem of any sort he usually approaches us directly to not waste time. He understands what is needed at that particular time, prioritizes things and gets things done one way or the other. No excuses. Assisted us with concept generation, 3D modelling, client handling in the in-house projects and designed a few product concepts independently as well. Zeeshan is an asset to any team/company and sets a benchmark for other students.