All rights reserved, Zeeshan Vervatwala, 2019

Duet / Music On-the-Go

A 2 Month Personal Project in which I wanted to focus on something I was passionate about, Music. 

My Goal

To create a phone that enhances the experience of listening to music on the go. 

Where do we listen to music?

Short answer. Everywhere. Music is something that millions of people around the world have an emotional connection to and this is seen everywhere we look. 

The Problems

Listening to music on the go has its fair share of problems. 

A limited market

The current market for music oriented smart phones is quite limited with either add-ons to mainstream phones or very niche designs for a certain brand.

Creativity Conclusions

Dual Harmony

Two true wireless earphones are integrated into the bottom of the phone,

easily accessed and used.

Compact Impact

The silicon earphones are a comfortable fit for any type of user. Despite the compact form factor the earphones are still capable of delivering high quality audio for the best experience.

Shared Experiences

Four Large speakers on the back of Duet gives the user a rich and full experience while listening to music out loud.

Enhanced via Form

The slight curve back of Duet allows the sound from the rear speakers to be greatly enhance by bouncing off the surface it is resting on.

Secure Storage

The charging pins ensure that the earphones are always charged and ready to be used when stored. Powerful magnets around the charging pins prevent the earphones from easily falling out when stored on the body

Visual Reminder

The user needs to know whether the earphones are stored inside or left aside somewhere. This is why the slightly transparent front pane of Duet allows the user to check if both earphones are inside and secure.

Convenience on the go


User Focused