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Aeris Uno / Ultimate  Climate Control 

A  4 Month long project done in collaboration with Aeris Cleantec AG, Beijing, China. I was a co-leader, managing the various aspects of the project.


Etienne Bougeot

Design Lead at Aeris Cleantec AG
Beijing, China

Our Goal

Design and Ultimate Climate Control System for closed spaces at home and work.

The Team

What is Climate?

'A Day in the life of...'

Using data from surveys and personal observations we created 4 unique user cycles to
understand where, when and why people use climate control devices in their daily life.

Climate Control Today

1 Device = 1 Function
Large footprint
Installation may be necessary

7 Directions, 14 proposals

With the aim of breaking away from the norms of current climate control devices we presented a wide variety of ideas each with its own unique functions

Designed for everyone

Your Home 

Your Air

Your Choice

A Worldwide Solution

Any climate, any location, Aeris Uno is not restricted to any climatic
condition and can be adapted to suit the users’ surroundings.

Freedom to choose

A modular Climate control system in which the users an chose which modules they require in the climate they are living/ working in

01/The Foundation

Good air quality is the base of any healthy climate. An Active Carbon pre-filter and a high quality Swiss made HEPA filter sits in the base module below a powerful fan which pulls and pushes the air through Uno.

02/That Cosy Temperature

A self contained Peltier Cooler and a slim Space Heater to control & find that ideal temperature.

02/That Perfect Humidity

An effective Ultrasonic Humidifier and an absolutely silent

Desiccant Dehumidifier to achieve that comfortable humidity.

03/“Remote” Control

Connecting to your smart-phone to allow you to control every module individually and the system as a whole.

The Common DNA

We understood that each module needed similar elements to cohesively work with the ecosystem

No room for error

A unique connection system for ensuring that the user cannot place the modules they own in the wrong order

Under the hood

Using modern technology to minimize the size of each module to utilize the space most efficiently.

Old vs. New

1 Device = 1 Function
Large footprint
Installation may be necessary

Minimal Footprint
Synergetic functionality

Next Steps

Expanding the range to functions that can help create the perfect ambiance